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startHAUS gGmbH, Offenbach

Your BLEIB-consultation office in the city and district of Offenbach am Main.

What we offer

We consult and support refugees with their first steps on the way to the labour market. We search for appropriate language courses, offer application training and orientation on which job realistically fits to the person. If needed we accompany people when visiting public authorities and assist with the filling in of forms and applications. Who are the right contact partners for the different concerns? Public authorities, consultation offices regarding the recognition procedure or entrepreneurs- we bring our clients in contact with the right people to ease their way into internship, vocational training or employment.

We work in close cooperation with educational institutions and labour market actors who are also active working with refugees to guarantee the success of our work.

Our strategic partners are:

  • Employment agencies, job centre, Alien’s Office and social welfare office
  • Full-time refugee counsels of the free funding organisations and local governments
  • Consultation offices regarding the recognition procedure
  • Companies, IHK, Chamber of Crafts
  • Voluntary initiatives

About us

startHAUS GmbH was established at the beginning of 2006 as an educational institution. Our team is heterogeneous. This applies to sex, age and nationality. We pursue an educational/pedagogical theory that is able to adapt to the demands of society.




BLEIB in Hessen II

Pirazzistr. 15 | 63067 Offenbach

069 / 82 37 86 229

Erdem Özbek


Monday and Tuesday 9:00 to 12:00

Thursday and Friday 9:00 to 12:00