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Centre for labour and environment – Society for vocational training gGmbH

Your BLEIB-consultation office in the city and district of Gießen

What do we offer in the scope of ‘BLEIB in Hessen II’?

Individual and comprehensive advice for refugees and tolerated persons. In particular we help young refugees aged between 16 and 35 years to gain initial work practice:

  • A 4 to 6- month internship in our workshops
  • Our learning- and training workshops enable full-time (5 days) practical work in the fields of electrical installation, painter/varnisher, domestic economy
  • In addition to handicraft activities one of the five days will be used for the learning of occupational German.
About us

As a vocational training company we offer disadvantaged, unemployed people re-integration into work life by working and learning in our training workshops since 1988. Continuous and effective cooperation is our basis on many levels.

Our strategic partners are especially:

  • Employment agency, job centre, Alien’s Office/department of foreigners
  • Information centre for refugees and initiatives
  • Provider of vocational training measures, (vocational) schools, adult education centre

The name ZAUG gGmbH stands for a renowned service provider of municipal promotion of training, qualification and employment. It qualifies about 1400 people per year. Shareholders are all district towns and communities of Gießen as well as the city of Gießen and the district of Gießen as main shareholders.




BLEIB in Hessen II

Walid Sulymankhail

Am Urnenfeld 33 | 35396 Gießen

0641 797966-19


Mon. – Fr. 8:00 to 13:00